Blank Page?

Have the hours you gave to your family that are now being given back to you left you wondering “who am I at this stage of life?”

Do you know you have a lot to be grateful for but feel there might be more?

Do you sometimes wonder, “what’s next?”


My dad unknowingly gifted me a treasure...his notebook. The photo to the left is a picture of his actual notebook. The top of the page reads...”Why am I here?”. Below the heading, as you can see, is a blank page. How could this be? How could he not know? Why did he leave a blank page? I will never know...he passed away with a blank page.


Perhaps you can relate. I’m a happy wife and mom to four wonderful children. My oldest is about to head off to college. Like many of us, I’ve joyfully allowed my family to define me for years, but I knew there was more to me than being a mom and work.


The truth is we all have all these hidden gems within us that need to be coached out. We need someone to read between the lines to help us see our own value, strengths, and purpose. To see what we can't possibly see in ourselves. Imagine if you had someone to talk to who would listen to exactly how you feel. Imagine feeling heard for the first time in a long time. Imagine having a conversation where you are the focus for once. Imagine through this conversation you finally find your voice again. Imagine having support, encouragement, and accountability to confidently create the life of your dreams.


Imagine filling up your blank page knowing all the reasons why you are here.

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My dad was my hero. He had his struggles but he was a wonderful father and family man. It breaks my heart that he passed away at 52 years old with a blank page. I know why he was here but he didn’t.


You should know why you are here. You are valuable, needed, and important. You are unique, talented, and creative. Don't live with regrets. You have so much to offer the world.

Coaching Calls

 Affordable 1:1 coaching calls for women:

  • wondering what's next

  • searching for meaning and purpose

  • writing their next chapter

  • pursuing a dream

  • working towards a goal

  • following their heart

  • living life to their fullest capability and potential

  • on their personal journey of life



This energetic, interactive life coaching community is for women looking for purpose, meaning, value, and fulfillment in their lives. This community is here to support and encourage like minded women who share similar goals and agendas. This community provides a safe, loving, judgement free place to empower women in pursuit of living their best life.

 Life coaching for all women from all walks of life

 Specific topics available for your specific needs, dreams, and desires


Connection...unifying like-minded women who share similar goals and agendas


 Explore who you are, what matters most


Purpose...discover all the reasons why you are here, and fill your blank page

 Goals...helping you achieve them and to fulfill your life dreams

 Affordable...1:1 coaching is available




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